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Compound Recordings is a professional audio recording facility located in Santa Cruz County, California. Founded by owner & chief recording engineer, Joe Clements, Compound Recordings offers complete recording services for the music professional, or the upcoming artist. Punk, Country, Bluegrass, Rock, Hip Hop, Reggae, SKA, Post Hardcore, Metal,
All genre's welcome and encouraged.


We offer the latest in analog and digital equipment (Pro Tools HD2; top of the line analog preamps, compressors, EQ's, reverbs; and classic microphones) in a professional environment with versatile recording spaces.


If you're looking for a professional, state-of-the-art studio, with home studio pricing in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, you've found it!


Check out the discography for audio samples and our list of clients.

8/19/14 || Up to Date / Going Retro

In The Studio
Chris Rene
The Red Light District

We finaly got our Otari MTR90 2" 24 track tape machine calibrated and ready to rock. Evan and i have done a few sessions together learning the slight curve from digital to Anolaog, Some back to the future shit.
We Also have found some Missing 23rd tapes from their 2000 realease Ctrl+Alt+Delete that we where abble to transfer down to digital for them.... "Gonna go back In Time!"

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